A Day With Lisette Auton

On Thursday the 28th September CVEA were honoured to invite published author Lisette Auton to the academy to inspire our students to explore their reading interests and hear about how to make writing an achievable career pathway.

Lisette is a disabled writer, activist, and creative practitioner based in Darlington in North-East England. She works with words in all their forms, solo and with collaborators, via publishing, lyrical essays, film, poetry, making books, spoken word, middle grade novels, in galleries, in theatres and in the community.

Selected groups of year 8 and 9 students were able to spend time with Lisette during the day to further inspire them to become creative writers using imaginative and original ideas.

Students said the following about their experience with Lisette:

'I want to be a writer now' - George (year 8)

'That was so much fun, I have so many ideas now' - Finley (year 9)