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There has never been a time when careers guidance has been as important for young people as it is today. The landscape of education, training and employment that students need to navigate is much more complex and challenging than that faced by previous generations.

Our overall aim at Castle View Enterprise Academy is for all students to achieve their personal best. In careers education, this means that students can make aspirational, realistic and informed choices; that they develop the skills, aptitudes and attitudes to be successful; and that they are prepared for their post 16 pathway and the world of work.


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For more detailed information on our careers programme:

Year 7
Exploring Careers
Year 8
Year 9
Options and
Year 10
The World of
Year 11
Pathway to
What Is 'Careers'?

(Introduction to Careers)
How Many Different Jobs Are There?

(Employment Sectors)
What's My Goal?

(Goal Setting)
Will You Stand Up and Fight For What is Right?

(Influencing and Challenging Stereotypes)
Which Way Next?

(Pathways & Progression - Education)
Who Am I?

Do You Have What It Takes To Be The Next...?

(Entrepreneurship & Self Employment)
What Are My Options?

(GCSE Options)
What Does My Online Presence Say About Me?

(Online Presence)
Which Way Next?

(Pathways & Progression - Apprenticeships, Training, Emplyment)
What Am I Proud Of?

What's The Point In STEM Subjects?

Which Way Next?
(Post 16 & Post 18 Pathways)
What About The Bigger Picture?

What Do I Have To Offer?

(Recruitment & Selection - CV)
What Can You Do In The North East?

What Jobs Are Out There?

What Skills Do I Need To Succede?

(Employability Skills)
How Employable Am I?

(Employability Skills)
What Should I Expect At An Interview?

(Recruitment & Selection - Interviews)
Who Influences Me?

(Challenging Stereotypes)
Is Life A Balancing Act?

(Work Life Balance)
How Do I Get A Job?

(Recruitment & Selection)
How Can I Make The Most Out Of My Work Experience?

(Work Experience)
What Do I Want To Achieve?

Who Can Help?

(Sources Of Careers Information)
Is Money All That Matters?

(Challenges & Rewards)
Is That Legal?

(Rights & Responsibilities At Work?
What Is Important To Me?

(Career Identity)
What Does The Future Hold?


The Careers Team

At Castle View Enterprise Academy, we have a whole Academy approach to careers with all staff supporting the delivery of careers within curriculum areas and through the pastoral system (including assemblies and the tutorial programme).

We have a designated careers team who co-ordinate and monitor the delivery of careers.

Our Provider Access Policy Statement is displayed on our policies page.

Measuring the impact of our careers programme

The Academy careers programme is delivered through PSCHE (Lifeskills) lessons, the tutorial programme, within curriculum areas as well as through an extensive range of enrichment opportunities and activities.

Our monitoring and evaluation strategies encompass all aspects of delivery and are used to inform the future development of our careers programme.

Monitoring activities used to ensure that the careers programme is being implemented as planned include:

Evaluation activities are used to measure the impact of our career programme and inform future planning.

Evaluation activities include:

The Academy's progress towards achieving the Gatsby Benchmarks is evaluated using the online Compass tool. This is carried out on a termly basis by the Careers Leader.

A designated governor has responsibility for overseeing the quality of careers guidance. The Careers Leader reports to the Governor for careers in termly meetings and written reports.

The Careers policy is reviewed on a biennial basis by the Careers Leader.

Destination Data

The Activity Survey is produced annually and shows the destination of students in the October after they left CVEA. Sustained destination data shows the percentage of students who are in the same destination two terms after leaving CVEA. This data is produced by the DfE. In addition to the DfE data, we track our students (with their permission) for three years after they leave CVEA.

Contact Details

Emma McDermott

Careers Leader ([email protected])

0191 5946330

Review Date: 31st July 2024

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