Skills Builder

It has never been more important for our students to build a set of essential skills to succeed in life: the ability to creatively solve problems, to self-manage, to communicate effectively, and to work well with others. These are skills that are needed to do almost anything well. SkillsBuilder define these skills as: Listening, Speaking, Problem Solving, Creativity, Staying Positive, Aiming High, Leadership and Teamwork.

We are using the SkillsBuilder framework to support students to understand and develop these skills. Curriculum areas highlight where these skills are used in their subject and provide opportunities for students to demonstrate and develop these skills. These skills are also linked to all of our assemblies, our tutorial programme, enrichment opportunities and extra-curricular activities.

Building essential skills with your child at home

Skills Builder recognises the vital role parents and carers have in helping their children to build their essential skills. The Skills Builder Universal Framework. which provides a common language. for building essential skills has been used to create Homezone especially for parents and carers.

Research shows that building essential skills supports:

As a parent or carer, you are best placed to support your child to recognise all of the different places where they are developing their essential skills. School is just one part of the picture. Hobbies, interests, community connections and activities at home can all help to build the eight essential skills your child needs now and for their future success.

How can you support your child to build their essential skills?

You can easily support your child to build their essential skills. Talk with your child about the essential skills, what they are and how they are so useful. Help your child to identify where they already build their skills so they can talk about their skill strengths with others. Look for opportunities to build essential skills together. Visit Homezone for examples of challenges to support your child to build their essential skills or check out the weekly challenge on our Latest News page.

SkillsBuilder Gold Award

We are delighted to have achieved the Skills Builder Gold Award. This is a significant achievement which recognises our commitment to building students' essential skills.