Castle View Enterprise Academy Hosts Scholastic Book Fair

Castle View Enterprise Academy recently played host to an exciting event that had both students and teachers abuzz with reading enthusiasm. For an entire week, the school opened its doors to a Scholastic Book Fair, offering a diverse range of books for our eager readers. What's more, the fair turned out to be not only a treasure trove of literary delights but also a fundraising success, with hundreds of pounds spent and over £170 in rewards to be spent on more books for the library.

One of the key objectives of hosting a Scholastic Book Fair at Castle View was to continue to foster a reading culture within the school. The fair provided an excellent opportunity for students to discover new books, explore different genres, and reignite their passion for reading. It also encouraged them to become lifelong readers.

Many students were thrilled to find books by their favorite authors, while others discovered new titles that piqued their interest. The fair created a buzz of conversation, and it was heartening to see young readers so engaged with literature.