High Potential Students

At Castle View Enterprise Academy, we will correctly identify and monitor our most High Potential Students (HPS), ensuring they are suitably challenged and supported to maximise their potential, preparing the learners of today to become the leaders of tomorrow.


We identify and provide for the specific and special needs of the most able students. We recognise that students may possess exceptional talents or skills in one or more of a range of ways, including exceptional academic ability, specific aptitude in a subject, especially creative or productive thinking, leadership qualities, ability in creative or performing arts and sporting ability.

We will ensure that such students are able to develop, enjoy and celebrate their talents to the full within a supportive and appropriately challenging environment. We believe that the most able students (HPS) need just as much support, guidance and encouragement as the less able.

We believe that raising the standards attained by HPS helps to create a culture of high expectations, raises the expectations of all students and raise the standards of the whole Academy.

Identification of Higher Potential Student

We use the term High Potential Students to identify all children who are classed as “Higher Prior Attaining” students. Higher Prior Attaining students are defined as those who have achieved the highest SATS scores in Year 6 and the highest CAT scores on entry in Year 7. This accounts for approximately 15% of each year group. The initial list will be prepared each September.

Application of HPS policy

  • Specialised and differentiated provision in the classroom to challenge thinking through modelling, questioning and feedback to differentiate and set the appropriate challenge for HPS.
  • Mentoring and pastoral care through specific, appropriate and targeted advice and guidance.
  • Staff training that provide staff with the skills and knowledge necessary to provide high quality provision for HPS that develop higher order thinking skills.
  • Extra-curricular opportunities to enrich learning for High Potential Students.
  • Leadership opportunities across the curriculum.

Monitoring and evaluation

  • All identified High Potential Students' progress will be monitored through data produced at tracking points throughout the year, and through analysis of behaviour tracking.
  • There will be appropriate interventions if problems such as underachievement are identified and exceptional performance will be celebrated.
  • Frequent contact is made with parents to highlight the work being done to support their child and experiences available to their child.

Opportunities for High Potential Students

The following have been offered, and most currently being offered, to students on the HPS register and the more able in specific subjects. Further activities will be added throughout the year as opportunities arise.

  • Russell Groups University visits - Year 10 students take part in a taster day at Oxford University with a focus on raising aspirations
  • Taster Days at local University's - Workshops and activities provided in specific career areas
  • Subject masterclasses - staff deliver sessions relating to their own areas of specialism
  • Visitors to the Academy - A variety of visitors come into the Academy to talk about different career options

Parents Comments

  • My child has really benefited from the university visits and the interaction she has with those who have careers in science.
  • Thank you all so much for your hard work, time and support, much appreciated.
  • Opportunities available to my child so far have been well received.
  • I am happy with my daughters progress.

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