The transition to a new school can often be a daunting and worrying time for parents and children alike. We understand this, and work extremely hard to make sure that children joining us for the first time are prepared, settled and happy when continuing their learning journey with us for what we hope will be the next five years.

Year 6 to 7

Successful transition begins when children are still in their primary schools. Regular contact is a key feature of the transition to us from our feeder primary schools. Our schools work collaboratively, joining together on various initiatives, transition events and projects. Year 6 children get the opportunity to visit us for taster days in selected subjects and other special events during the year, including our drama performances.

In the summer term, all children who will be starting the academy in September join us for a full day of classes, sports and other activities during which they get a real experience of what academy life will be like. On our transition day, children also get the opportunity to meet their new form class, make new friends and get to know the teachers and find their way around the academy.

We work closely with our primary school colleagues and listen carefully to what they tell us about your children. This provides us with a wealth of important information that helps us with your child's personal transition and supports us in responding effectively to their individual needs. This ensures that they are comfortable about joining us for the new year and genuinely excited about the journey that lies ahead.

Useful Links And Documents

Please familiarise yourself with our parent handbook and student application packs.

Year 7 Transition You said......We did...

You said - There should be preparation for the amount of homework Y7 are given.
We did - As part of our parental information pack it clearly states the amount and frequency of homework issued to Y7. This will be highlighted in information issued to current Y6 parents.

You said - More homework support is needed in specific subjects.
We did - All students have access to homework club, IT resources and subject specific programmes as well as apps to help with understanding and revision. Students who are struggling need to inform their subject teacher or Head of Year.

You said - Children have too much responsibility to pass information to parents. They should be contacted directly.
We did - We encourage students to be independent, responsible citizens and as such we expect some communication between school and home to occur via the student. We also contact parents directly through clarion calls, regular phone calls, emails and letters.

You said - Parents should be informed of students being kept back, even if it is just for 10 minutes.
We did - Information regarding after school detentions can be found in the behaviour policy and agreement signed by all parents at the beginning of each academic year. The policy can be found on the school website.

You said - There needs to be supervision in the dene.

We did - As part of our supervision duty that we carry out daily we monitor and often walk into the dene before and after school.

Our Feeder Primaries