Uniform Policy

The Academy has a dress code which all students are expected to follow. Our emphasis is on 'business dress' to match with our ethos and specialism. It is important to look our best and our uniform provides a sense of identity, and reminds us that we belong to one another supporting our excellent reputation in the local community.

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Uniform Policy

There are many sound, practical reasons for having such a dress code with one of the main reasons is that it removes the burden of having to decide what to wear each day. The emphasis is on being clean and tidy and we expect students and parents to appreciate that not all items of clothing are appropriate for a work place.

It is important to look our best and our uniform provides a sense of identity, and reminds us that we belong to one another supporting our excellent reputation in the local community. Importantly, uniform also helps prevent one of the excuses for bullying. We want our students to:

A high standard of uniform is expected from all students. Students are asked to respect this and keep fashions for the weekend and evenings and holidays. Where students attend the academy with the wrong uniform they will be asked to go home to change or uniform will be provided from the Student Services Office. A detention may be issued to students who are out of uniform. Parents will be contacted about uniform issues by the Head of Year. The dress code and personal appearance of students will be monitored on a daily basis by staff and any issues recorded on student records.

At Castle View Enterprise Academy we take pride in helping our community by providing preloved uniform to families in need. We welcome donations of good quality, second-hand uniform throughout the year, which is then available for all students. If you feel this is something that you would benefit from, please contact us and we will see what items we can support you with.

Planning For School

You may find the following reminders helpful when planning for school.

Should be plain black and sensible shoes which can be polished. Shoes with distinctive fashion features such as buckles and tags are not permitted. Any forms of black training shoes or plimsolls are NOT permitted, nor are boots, moccasin or platform shoes. Heels of no more than 1 inch are allowed due to health and safety reasons.


No skinny/stretchy/tight trousers to be worn by any students in the Academy.

Outside Coats
The Academy has its own outside coat available from our shop. No sports, track suit tops, 'hoodies' etc are to be worn. Expensive coats are not permitted as we cannot guarantee their security. Outdoor coats cannot be worn inside the building

All students must carry a bag. They must be robust, plain black and large enough to carry an A4 folder. The Academy has its own bag and PE bag available from the academy shop.

Jewellery And Make-up
Jewellery and make-up is not permitted at any time. Facial jewellery and piercings are NOT allowed.

Girls and boys whose hair is long must have it tied up with a black, purple hair band or scrunchie. Hair styles are expected to be neat, tidy and sensible. Hair which is closely cut, shaved , tram lines or dyed with extremes colours is not allowed. If there is any dispute in these matters the Principal's decision will be final.

Girls' skirts should not be short and should rest just on or above the knee. Girls must wear black tights with a skirt or black socks with trousers. Footloose tights and leg warmers are not acceptable.

Shirts and blouses MUST be fully tucked in.

We now have one single tie for KS3 and KS4 students, which replaced the previous KS3 and KS4 ties and scarves, back in September 2017. However, students who are part of either the Sports and Performance Academy, or have a Lead Student role can still wear their respective ties. Ties should be worn so as to cover all the buttons of the shirt. The top button must be fastened.

PE Kit
The following is required PE kit for girls and boys.

If any parent would like the school to modify the uniform policy, they should make representation, in the first instance, to the Principal. The school welcomes children from all backgrounds and faith communities. If there are serious reasons, for example on religious grounds, why parents want their child to wear clothes that differ from the school uniform, the school will look sympathetically at such requests.