Members of staff currently working at Castle View Enterprise Academy, can be found listed below:

Mrs J Bridges O.B.E.

Chief Executive Officer

I have taught now for over 30 years starting my career as a geography teacher in 1982, becoming Head of Geography in 1984, followed by Head of Humanities in 1989 in two schools in Northumberland. During this time I also gained experience in work related learning, school industry links, enterprise education and vocational training.

My first senior position was a Deputy Headship at Easington from 1995-2002. During this time I gained considerable experience in running schools often facing challenging circumstances. I was responsible for assessment, curriculum, teaching and learning and the professional development of staff.

I took up my first headship in September 2002 in Durham. I thoroughly enjoyed my time in senior positions and in April 2008 I became Principal designate of Castle View Enterprise Academy. This has been my most exciting position yet and in 2009 we opened our school gates to the local community of Castletown, Townend, Hylton Castle and surrounding areas.

The Academy has been a fantastic success for all of the staff here and I am proud to lead such an amazing group of staff and students. In January 2013 I was awarded the OBE for my services to education locally in our area. It was a great honour but one which I share with all of the team here at CVEA.

Mrs J Owens


I am a Teacher of Science, specialising in Biology. I started teaching at Sedgefield Community College in 2004. I rapidly gained promotion within two years of teaching to Second in Science and then to Head of Science.

I joined CVEA in 2009 as Director of Science. This involved the leadership and management of the Science staff and zone. In 2012, I took on a temporary SLT position. I was made Assistant Vice Principal in charge of Teaching and Learning in 2013 and Vice Principal in 2018 with a vast role encompassing many aspects of school life to gain wider experience.

From January 2021, I took over as Head of School and from September 2021 I am now the new Principal. This is a post I have aspired to move into following the hard work, dedication and commitment to CVEA I have shown over the years. I always strive to achieve my personal best and aim to provide an outstanding educational experience for your child.

Mr M Ruddick

Vice Principal

Castle View Enterprise Academy is the third school that I have worked at. Previously I taught Mathematics at Monkwearmouth Comprehensive School and I was also Head of Maths at Excelsior Academy. I am also a Senior Leader in Education for Data and Mathematics.

I have the overall role of being in charge of the Quality of Education at CVEA including design and implementation of the curriculum and overall whole school external examination performance.

Ms A Payne

Vice Principal

I began my teaching career as a teacher of English, at The Priory School in Hertfordshire, after which I was promoted to Head of English at St Thomas More Upper School in Bedford. Recently I held the position of Lead Teacher for English and Academy Literacy Coordinator at Excelsior Academy in Newcastle, before joining Castle View Enterprise Academy.

I believe good Literacy and English skills are a passport to learning. Without them, pupils cannot access the rest of the curriculum and their life chances are severely curtailed. I aim to help all pupils achieve these necessary skills needed to unlock the magic of the curriculum and the joy of life-long learning.

Mr A Marshall

Vice Principal

On graduating from Sheffield Hallam University with a First Class Honours B.Ed. degree in Physical Education I took up my first teaching post at Stanley School of Technology in 1995. After three years, I was promoted to Head of the Creative and Expressive Arts faculty and subsequently to the Senior Leadership Team with specific responsibility for student behaviour and rewards.

I joined Castle View Enterprise Academy as Assistant Vice Principal, when it opened in 2009, and was promoted to Vice Principal in 2018. I work alongside the Principal, other Vice Principals, and Assistant Vice Principals in formulating the strategic direction of the Academy and facilitating positive outcomes for students. I am also the SLT lead for the Castle View Sports Academy and the line manager for Physical Education and Performing Arts. My teaching role is within the maths department.

Miss G Woollett

ASVP, Alternative Provision/Safeguarding

I completed my first degree at Leeds Metropolitan University in 1995 and completed a PGCE in Home Economics in 1999 at University of Northumbria. I began my teaching career in 1999 in a secondary school in Durham as an NQT. I gained promotion during my time there and became Vocational Co-ordinator in 1997. I believe that all students have a right to an education that develops a range of qualities and skills that prepares them for life post 16.

I joined CVEA in 2010 as ASVP of Vocational and Positive Pathways, responsible for the vocational curriculum across the Academy and for the education of those students who found education more of a challenge than others. I am one of the Designated Safeguarding Deputies with the Academy and currently manage the alternative provision we offer internally to reflect our core values of positivity and inclusivity.

Mrs E McDermott

ASVP, Specialist Business, Enterprise And Careers

I started my teaching career at Whitley Bay High school in 1997 as a teacher of Business and Economics. In 2006, I moved to the predecessor school in the role of Director of Business Education. I was promoted to Assistant Vice Principal at Castle View Enterprise Academy in 2009.

My role is primarily focused on developing the link between education and the world of work. I work closely with many local businesses and employers to provide students with a wide range of enrichment opportunities to enable them to develop key employability skills.

Mr I Foster

Junior Assistant Vice Principal

Mrs J Allan

Junior Assistant Vice Principal

Mr M Appleton

Junior Assistant Vice Principal

Miss R Hume

Junior Assistant Vice Principal

Mrs R Pallas-Gill

Junior Assistant Vice Principal


  • Miss O Ainsley - Teacher of Geography
  • Mr O Appleby - Teacher of PE / Science
  • Miss J Barker - Teacher of English/Intervention Lead
  • Mr E Basilisco - Teacher of Maths
  • Mr R Baulf - Primary Teacher
  • Miss C Boulter - Teacher of Geography
  • Mrs S Brown - Teacher of Science
  • Mr S Bunce - Teacher of English
  • Mrs C Calvert - Teacher of History
  • Miss A Cappellar - Teacher of Nurture
  • Miss C Connor - Teacher of Science
  • Mrs J Coxon - Teacher of PA + PE/Pastoral Manager
  • Miss A Crawford - Teacher of Science
  • Mr A Evans - Assistant Director of Science
  • Mrs N French - Teacher in Charge of RS
  • Miss L Gaffney - Teacher in Charge of Art
  • Mrs L Galer - KS3 English Lead
  • Mrs E Goodaire - Teacher of Business / Pastoral Manager
  • Mrs S Green - Director of Science
  • Mrs C Heaney - Director of ICT
  • Mr S Kelly - Teacher of Maths / PE
  • Mr A Lawson - Teacher of Science
  • Mrs E Lincoln - Leader of Geography
  • Ms E Massey - Teacher in charge of Food and Textiles
  • Miss E Mattinson - Teacher of Technology
  • Miss C McKay - Teacher of Science
  • Mrs J Mearns - Teacher of Science
  • Miss L Miller - Teacher of English / Nurture
  • Miss J Moreira - Leader of Spanish
  • Mr R Myers - Director of Maths
  • Mr N Nixon - Teacher of Music
  • Ms E Nolan - Teacher of Art
  • Miss Y Othman - Teacher of PE / PA
  • Mr G Palmer-Bell - Assistant Director of English
  • Mr V Reed - Teacher of Maths
  • Mrs C Russell - Leader of History
  • Miss K Salmon - Teacher of Geography
  • Mr K Sawkill - Head of Technology
  • Dr I Shepperson - Teacher of Science
  • Miss E Spetch - Teacher of Maths with responsibility
  • Mrs L Stocks - Teacher of Performing Arts and PE
  • Miss C Stokoe - Teacher of Maths
  • Mr C Storey - Teacher of Science
  • Mr S Tait - Teacher of IT / Business / Computer Science
  • Mr C Tatters - Teacher of PE / Science
  • Mr R Thomas - Director of Sport and Performance
  • Mrs K Traves - Director of English
  • Mr C Turnbull - Assistant Director of English
  • Mr P Turton - Teacher of Maths
  • Miss J Walker - Teacher of PE / D of E Lead
  • Mr M Walker - Teacher of PE/Maths
  • Miss B Wilson - Teacher of English

Education Support

  • Mr N Allan - Learning Support Assistant
  • Miss J Bandzheva - HLTA
  • Mrs M Barrass - Head of Year
  • Miss E Batey - Learning Support Assistant
  • Miss K Bell - Academic Mentor
  • Ms P Blomfield - Librarian
  • Miss L Bylthman - Learning Support Assistant
  • Miss H Buchanan - Cared for Learning Mentor/Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead
  • Mrs L Burns - Head of Year
  • Mrs H Dhillon - Attendance Officer
  • Mrs F Duncan - Bridge to Learning Coordinator
  • Miss A Elliott - Learning Support Assistant
  • Miss A French - Learning Support Assistant
  • Miss S Garnham - Learning Support Assistant
  • Mrs T Green - Art And Technology Technician
  • Mr K Giles - Technical Support Assistant
  • Mrs K Hills - KS4 Engagement Officer
  • Mrs J Hixon - Swim Coach
  • Mrs D Hughes - Learning Support Assistant
  • Miss S Jones - Learning Support Assistant
  • Miss S Nicholson - Student Counsellor
  • Miss K Nyland - Head of Year
  • Mrs A Payne - Teaching Assistant ASD/BESD
  • Miss L Pucci - Learning Support Assistant
  • Mr D Purvis - Operations Manager
  • Mr C Rainbow - Head of Year
  • Mr S Read - Head of Year
  • Ms G Roberts - Student Counsellor
  • Mrs M Robson - HLTA
  • Miss A Turner - Head of Year
  • Mrs G Waite - Music And Dance Tutor
  • Miss S Wilson-Day - HLTA + SEND Manager


  • Miss K Brown - MIS And HR Manager
  • Mrs D Ferguson - Student Services Officer
  • Mrs V Gough - Administration Officer
  • Miss K Hanna - Exams And Data Manager/Office Manager
  • Miss S Lindsay - Finance Officer
  • Mr P Smith - Finance Director
  • Miss R Watson - SEN and Safeguarding Admin

Staff Structure

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